Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bee's Sneeze Nuggets

Bee's Sneeze Nuggets are from the Cocktail Cookies section of Dorie's Cookies.  There are lots of interesting looking recipes in this chapter that I am looking forward to baking.

I needed to find a substitute for the gin in the recipe.  Gin is flavored with juniper berries, so at first I was considering some juniper tea that I have.  Then I was reading about substitutes for juniper and saw rosemary suggested.  I went with the rosemary and it worked well.

It was too snowy and cold to go to the store to buy lemons, so I relied on bottled lemon juice and lemon extract for the lemon flavor.  I wish that I had added lemon zest.  The rosemary overpowered the lemon, pepper, and ginger, at least for me.  My taster referred to the nuggets as being ginger flavored, but I couldn't taste the ginger.

These little biscuits were easy and quick to make, and tasty.


  1. These look so interesting. I pulled the ingredients tonight so that I can make them tomorrow hopefully. I like the idea of rosemary in these a lot! They look delicious.

  2. These were definitely quite gingery - like the idea of a rosemary flavoured cocktail cookie too!

  3. Spring is on the way. Hopefully you can make them again with the lemon zest. These were quite lemony for us.