Tuesday, January 3, 2017

World Peace Cookies

I baked Dorie Greenspan's World Peace Cookies to eat at our New Year's Eve dinner.

These very chocolatey cookies rely on good quality cocoa and chopped bittersweet chocolate for their flavor.

The batter comes together quickly, is rolled into logs, and then is refrigerated or frozen before it is sliced and baked.  During mixing my dough did not reach the big, moist curd stage recommended by Dorie.  I kneaded it together as I was rolling it into logs, but found that it tended to break into crumbs when I was slicing the cookies for baking.  Perhaps next time I will use a bit less flour.

The baked cookies have a wonderful, deep chocolate flavor with a sandy texture.

This photo does not do these delicious cookies justice.


  1. Sorry you had a rough time with the crumbly! Mine took awhile to come together in the mixer but did form the moist "curds" she speaks of in the book.

  2. It looks like a fine tray of baked chocolate cookies to me so I would count them as a success for sure. :-) Fun to hear that there will be a next time, that speaks volumes always.

  3. This is definitely an unpredictable dough - it's different each time I work with it! No matter though - as soon as people taste them they forget if they are perfect looking or not, they're so good!

  4. I really like looking at your photo! Makes me want to just scoop up a couple cookies in my hand!